Darcha to Padam Trek

Darcha to Padam Trek


Darcha to Padam Trek

Zanskar trekking is a challenging Himalayan adventure trek in an exotic land of ancient kingdoms, high mountain passes and unforgettable landscapes, villages with a bit of exploratory trekking thrown in for good measure. A journey through Leh - Ladakh and Zanskar, once part of the Kingdom of Western Tibet, is a journey back through the centuries to a time when nomads transmigrated from one pastureland to another, and traded their salt and wool barley and staples with the people of the lowlands. The people of the lowland are typically and culturally rich in the villages and seen their living life style.

The trek start from Darcha the highest point is 5080 (Shingo-La).You will cross a many high passes and walk at an altitude above 5080m.
One of our staff will be with you during all these 21 days from Delhi to Delhi.      


Trip Grade : Moderate
Duration : 21 days Tour Delhi to back Delhi
Area : Himachal, Zanskar and Ladakh
Trekking :  10 Days
Maximum altitude : 5080M Shingo - La 
Best Period : June, July, August and September 
Trip length : 8 Nights in Hotel, 11 nights in tent


Day 01 : Arrival Delhi, Day 02 : Delhi to Chandigarh Manali by Train-by road, Day 03 : Manali Full day sightseeing, Day 04 : Manali to Darcha - Palamo by road, Day 05 : Palamo to Zanskar Sumdo Trek,Day 06 : Zanskar Sumdo to Chumi Napo Trek, Day 07 : Chumi Napo to Shingo La - 5080m - Lakham Trek, Day 08 : Lakham to Kurgiak Trek, Day 09 : Kurgiakh to Tanza Trek, Day 10 : Tanza to Purne Trek,Day 11 : Purne to Phuktal Gompa to back Purne Trek, Day 12 : Purne to Ichar Trek, Day 13 : Ichar to Reru - Mone Trek, Day 14 : Mone to Padam Trek, Day 15 : Padam to Ringdom by road, Day 16 : Ringdom to Kargil by road, Day 17 : Kargil to Leh by road, Day 18 : Leh to Shey and Tiktse Gompas - back Leh, Day 19 : Leh to Delhi by flight - Agra by road, Day 20 : Agra to Delhi, Day 21 : Full day visit in Delhi PM. Departure to airport,