Lamayuru to Padam Trek

Lamayuru to Padam Trek


Lamayuru to Padam Trek

The ancient Buddhist kingdom of Zanskar is hidden deep in the western reaches of the great Himalayas. For most of the year, the high passes are inaccessible because of snow, making the frozen Zanskar River the only way of transport by walking. Villages nestled high on cliffs, the greenest of fields where peas and buckwheat are grown, and ancient monasteries are just some of the attractions on this spectacular trek.

The trek starts from Lamayuru to Padam 10 day trek are Moderate.
One of our staff will be with you during all these 19 days from Delhi to Delhi.      


Trip Grade :Moderate
Duration :19 days Tour Delhi to back Delhi
Area :Ladakh - Zanskar
Trekking :10 Days
Maximum altitude :4850M Sir Sir-La 
Best Period :June, July, August, September
Trip length:7 Nights in Hotel, 10 nights in Tent


Day 01 : Arrival Delhi, Day 02 : Delhi - Leh, Day 03 : Full day Visit Leh, Day 04 : Leh to Lamayuru, Day 05 : Lamayuru to Wanla 1st dat Trek, Day 06 : Wanla to Hanupatta Trek, Day 07 : Hanupatta to Sirsir La 4850M – Camp Photoskar Trek, Day 08 : Photoskar to Foot of Singge La Trek, Day 09 : Foot to Singge La - Lingsed Trek, Day 10 : Lingsed to Snertse Via Hanumala Trek, Day 11 : Snertse to Hanumil Via Purfi La Trek, Day 12 : Hanumil to Pishu Trek, Day 13 : Pishu to Karsha Trek, Day 14 : Karsha to Padum Trek, Day 15 : Padum to Kargil by Car, Day 16 : Kargil to Leh by Car, Day 17 : Leh to Delhi by Flight 1H by Car to Agra, Day 18 : Agra to Delhi by Car, Day 19 : Delhi Full day sightseeing and PM Departure,